Today's Dinner Specials

Plan your weekly dinners around us! Olives offers wonderful dinner specials for you and your family. Check out our weekly specials and remember our chef's case is always full of healthy options, comfort food and some great Greek staples!

Monday - week of 7/28/14


  • Garlic & Rosemary Roasted Pork Loin
  • Salvadorian Chicken over basmati rice
  • Grilled Bistro Filet w/ corn salsa
  • Sides: Herb Roasted Potatoes, Broccoli w/ garlic & olive oil and Basmati Rice
  •  Roasted Half Chicken w/ two sides
  •  New Orleans Shrimp & Grits
  •  Grilled Bistro Filet w/ chimichurri sauce
  • Sides:Sauteed Snowpeas & Cherry Tomatoes, Asparagus w/ cashews & red peppers, Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Basmati Rice



  •  Chicken Pomodoro w/ linguine
  •  Grilled Swordfish w/ mango pineapple salsa
  •  Grilled Bistro Filet w/ asparagus & mushrooms
  • Sides: Herb Roasted Potatoes, Corn Maque Choux and Roasted Cauliflower
  • Sauteed Shrimp & Scallops in garlic wine sauce
  • Onion Brisket
  • Spinach & Ricotta Stuffed Chicken
  • Sides:Smashed Red Potatoes, Broccoli w/ garlic & olive oil and Peas & Carrots


Olives Classic Entrees -
Available Every Night

  •  Greek Style Baked Tilapia
  •  Roasted Half Chicken w/ two sides
  •  Tender Tips of Beef in marsala sauce
  • Sides: Basmati Rice, Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Roasted Cauliflower
  • Spanakopita - Classic Greek Spinach Pie
  • Grilled Salmon with tomato and basil
  • Greek Chicken with lemon, garlic and oregano  
  • Moussaka - Greek Lasagna with eggplant, potatoes, ground beef and bechamel sauce
  • Lasagna Bolognese - Classic Lasagna with meat sauce
  • Chicken Parm Platter