Baked Dishes

(serves 8-10)
(serves 16-20)
Lasagna Bolognese $50 $95
Cheese Lasagna $45 $85
Vegetable Lasagna $50 $95
Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese $55 $100
Spinach & Ricotta Stuffed Shells $45 $85
Three Cheese Baked Ziti $45 $85
Baked Ziti with Meat or Sausage $55 $100
Creamy Four Cheese Pasta Bake $45 $90
Eggplant Parmagiana or Rollatini $45 $90
Chicken or Steak Fajita Bake $55 $100
Shepard’s Pie $55 $100
Macaroni, Beef & Cheddar Bake $50 $95
Moussaka $50  -
Spanakopita $40 $80
Breakfast and Luncheon Quiches -
(Bacon Cheddar, Asparagus Cheddar,
Ham & Brie or Spinach Mushroom)
$30  (10” round)
$33 (for Asparagus Cheddar)

Chicken & Turkey

Chicken Breasts
(Minimum order of 6 pieces per dish)
All of the following chicken dishes are made with boneless, skinless chicken breasts only and priced per piece.
Chicken in a Garlic and White Wine Sauce  7.99
Chicken Marsala (mushrooms and a Marsala wine sauce)  6.99
Lemon Chicken  6.99
Grilled Chicken with Fresh Basil and Tomato  6.99
Greek Style Chicken with Lemon and Garlic  6.99
Chicken Madeira  7.99
Chicken Parmagiana  7.99
Chicken Normandy (apples and cream)  $8.99 per piece
Stuffed Chicken Breast
A choice of spinach-ricotta, herbed bread, apricot & brie, cordon bleu stuffing.
$8.99 each
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Small pieces of chicken breasts sauteed and covered with delicious sweet and sour sauce. We recommend serving this saucy dish with a side of basmati rice.
 $49  $95
Chicken Saltimbocca
Stuffed with spinach, provolone and proscuitto and served in a lemon wine sauce.
$9.99 each
Honey Mustard Chicken
A selection of legs, thighs and breasts
prepared with a sweet honey mustard glaze. 
$7.99 per pound
Oriental BBQ Chicken
Legs, thighs and breasts
 $7.99 per pound
Southern Fried Chicken
The best you’ve ever had!
 $6.99 per pound
Buffalo or Oriental Wings               $6.99 per pound
Whole Roast Turkey
Great for family gatherings, this juicy American classic comes complete with seasoned stuffing
and gravy.
Small (10-12 lbs) $50
Medium (13-16 lbs) $65
Large (17-20 lbs) $85
Extra Lrg (21-25 lbs) $100
Boneless Roast Turkey Breast
Filled with your choice of herb bread, fruit & nut or spinach and provolone stuffing
 $11.99 per pound

Meat Dishes

Tenderloin of Beef with Merlot wine sauce
(minimum order of one 4-5 pound tenderloin)
 $24.99 per pound
Cajun Bistro Filet with Horseradish Sauce
(minimum order of one 2-3 pound London Broil)    
 $14.99 per pound
Onion Brisket with gravy
(minimum order of a 3-4 pound piece)
 $15.99 per pound
Brown Sugar Glazed Ham
(minimum order of 3-4 pound half-ham)
 $10.99 per pound
Boneless Stuffed Pork Loin
with wild mushrooms, baby spinach and pine nuts (minimum 3-4 lbs.)
 $14.00 per pound
Baked Boneless Ham
with Madiera Sauce and Apricots

(minimum order of one 3-4 pound roast)
 $10.99 per pound
French Rack of Lamb with Crispy Dijon Crut
or Greek style with lemon, garlic, & olive oil market price
(minimum order two racks)
 $29.99 per pound
Three Cheese Meatloaf
(minimum order of 1 whole meatloaf 4-5 pounds)
 $7.99 per pound
Hearty Beef and Vegetable Stew
(minimum order of 4-5 pounds)
 $9.99 per pound
Meat or Vegetarian Chili
(minimum of 5 lbs)
 $7.99 per pound


Whole Poached Salmon
Elegantly presented with a garnish of greenery and fresh flowers and served with a sour cream and dill sauce (minimum order of one 9-12 pound fish)
$22 per pound
Grilled Salmon
Your choice of cucumber dill sauce, bruschetta topping or plain (minimum order of 6 servings)
$11.95 per serving
Lobster Savannah
Lobster meat with mushrooms, red and green peppers in a sherry parmesan sauce (Minimum order of 3 pounds)
$35 per pound
Tilapia Francese or Greek Style
with lemon, olive oil and garlic
(minimum order of 6 servings)    
$10.95 per serving
Shrimp Scampi over Linguine
Large shrimp sautéed in garlic, olive oil and butter with a squeeze of lemon
(for 8-10)
(for 16-20)
Homemade Maryland Crab Cakes
Made with jumbo lump crab meat and served with cocktail sauce (minimum order of 6)
$9.95 each
Spanish Paella w/Chicken, Shrimp & Chorizo Small $69.50 
Large $120.00